Member Metaobjects

Member metaobjects provide the ability of introspection and source-code translation of the members. They can be obtained by calling NthMember() or LookupMember() on a class metaobject. The following is the list of the member functions provided by the member metaobjects.

Public Members


First, we show the member functions for introspection.

OpenC++ allows syntax extensions for access specifiers and argument lists. The following members are used for dealing with such syntax extensions.


The member metaobjects also provide functions for customizing the member. The changes are not actually reflected on the source-code translation until ChangeMember() or AppendMember() is called on the class metaobject.

The member functions for introspection such as Name() does not reflect the customization in the results. For example, Name() returns the original member name even if SetName() specifies a new name. To get the new value specified by the above functions such as SetName(), the following functions are used:

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